City of Reno Rose Garden
150 Cowan St.

Reno, NV 89503




Membership Benefits

  • Get Your Rose Questions Answered 
  • Local Nursery Discounts
  • Fun Members Only Workshops and Social Events Throughout the Year


Below is our form for joining the Reno Rose Society.  We apologize for not having a web format to accept your payment at this time. As we grow, we plan to add this feature.


Reno Rose Society Membership Form  


Name: (Mr, Mrs, Ms) _______________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________


City: ______________ State: _____  Zip:___________


Telephone:  _________________  Cell: _____________________


Email Address:  ________________________________________


Newsletter is emailed via Adobe PDF 



$30.00 per individual,  $35.00 per Household                  $ _____________

                                                                         TOTAL      $_____________


Are you currently an ARS member?       yes: ______    no:  ___________


Please complete and mail your form to:


Reno Rose Society

c/o Treasurer

4250 Longknife Rd

Reno, NV 89519



















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