June 2017 - Rose of the Month: Vanity

Move Over Sally Holmes!   Meet Vanity By: Ann Marie Harris Sally Holmes is always a great traffic-stopper with its large sprays of creamy white blooms. Drivers and walkers alike come near Sally and then just stop to look. We have finally found its match in blooming excess and exuberance. Vanity (ARS 8.3) has huge sprays of 15 to 60 deep pink blooms throughout the summer and fall. The blooms are semi-double (6to 9 petals) and have bright yellow stamens. It sulked a bit for the first five years and now has to be hacked back because it is over filling the 8x10 foot space it's in. Just  like Sally Holmes, it is trying to overwhelm everything nearby and is taking on a blue atlas cedar next to it. Vanity gets bonus competition points over Sally Holmes because of its musky fragrance which scents all the garden area around it.   Vanity is classed as a hybrid musk and is shown as a classic shrub.  The climate zone listed for this rose is USDA zone 6b through 10b.  Vanity was introduced in 1920 by Rev. Joseph Hardwick Pemberton.  Vanity’s parents are Chateaux de Clos Vougeot X Seedling. Listed sources for this rose are all non local.   Look for nurseries that carry this rose on the web or call youfavorite local nursery and see if they can order it for you. You will not be disappointed!

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