February 2017 - Rose of the Month  "Mister Lincoln"

  We all love beautiful red roses. Red roses when given to someone symbolize love, beauty, courage and respect.  There are so many good red roses to choose from for your garden. One of the favorite and best red hybrid tea rose for garden's is “Mister Lincoln”  I just couldn’t imagine having a rose garden without this rose. Mister Lincoln was introduced in 1965 and is rated at 8.3 in the ARS handbook.  The accolades for this rose continue after 1965. This rose has been one of the world’s favorite red roses for over 50 years. An All-American Rose Slections winner and the 2003 winner of the James Alexander Gamble Fragrance Medal. If you give Mister Lincoln a reasonable amount of sunshine, fertilizer and water, this rose will be as tall and clean as the great man in whose memory it is named. The rose buds are a deep red in color with velvety petals.   The rose parentage for Mister Lincoln is “Chrysler Imperial” x “Charles Mallerin”.  

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